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4.1 Objectives

The objective of the practical part of this thesis is to implement a new Smart Map Browsing extension for the Free JavaScript web mapping application OpenLayers.

The new animated zooming feature is intended to expand the functionality of OpenLayers with a user-friendly zooming extension: On moving the zoom slider, the scale of the main map is simultaneously and smoothly adjusted to the most current slider position, thereby re-scaling the map by enlarging or reducing it. Once the slider is released, the map is redrawn at the new zoom level. An improvement in the user's orientation during zooming is an important objective for this extension.

Cooperation with the developers of OpenLayers is desired to achieve an optimal benefit level for this feature. In this process suggestions made by the developers would also be taken into account. The goal is the adaption of the animated zooming features into the current SVN developer's version, with the eventual objective of making it a part of the next official version of OpenLayers.

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