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5.1 Preparation

To start, a new OpenLayers user account and SVN sandbox are created41.The sandbox is freely accessible at http://svn.openlayers.org/sandbox/emanuel/. A current version of the trunk is copied into the sandbox and serves as the basis for further development. The sandbox allows for its own source code administration and executes an automatic checkout into the public directoryhttp://dev.openlayers.org/sandbox/emanuel/. This enables other developers to test the source code directly in the webbrowser without having to first perform a svn checkout.

The actual implementation is carried out in a checked-out sandbox version on a Debian GNU/Linux system. No installation is required; OpenLayers runs without a web server in any local directory. An internet connection is required to work with the map layers described in Section 4.3. Firefox web broser is used for testing during the development phase. In addition, the Firefox plugin Firebug42 is used to debug JavaScript code, visualize individual HTML-Div elements, and to test the DOM tree. The OpenLayers sample demo is adapted to the selected layers (see Section 4.3).

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